2014 Foals

The last foal for the stud has arrived and I can't decide whether the best was saved for last or not ... you decide!

Rushmoor Galiant

The first foal for the stud this season is a lovely buckskin colt with three white socks and a stripe. Galiant has been named with his dam's sire in mind (the now deceased Valiant) and will hopefully inherit that stallion's jumping ability as well as the gorgeous nature of his dam and sire being by Casper out of Mozzie.

Galiant has to date shown quite an interest in his human handlers and although not yet quite bold enough to come up for a pat it doesn't look long before he will be. He is muscling up well and looks like he will be quite the athelete.

Galiant has been sold to a really lovely home where he will be seen in the future on the hunt field.


Rushmoor Gee Whizz

What an upstanding foal this one is with her four white socks and a blaze. She is huge and very imposing (although on a small scale at this stage), but has the makings of being a very striking horse. Gee Whizz is out of the Voltaire II mare Jilly by Casper.

Gee Whizz is going to be a big lass and early indications are that she is going to be quite a powerful type. With her perfect colouring, size and bloodlines this one is a winner. Gee Whizz has been sold to an awesome home in Christchurch. Watch out Cantabrians in the future! 


Rushmoor Gorgeous

I am more than pleased with this foal, a stunning wee filly out of Chakita and by the buckskin and white stallion Sundance with bloodlines going back to Kingsway Diamond and Pintado Desperado. Gorgeous is a very petite type compared to the more solid types that Casper produces, however she is still likely to make a good height.

Gorgeous has been fortunate with her markings which are beautifully symmetrical. Chakita and Gorgeous have been sold to a lovely stud home in Christchurch.


Rushmoor Glitterbug

This is the last foal for this season to be born at Rushmoor Stud but he is certainly not the least. In fact Glitterbug is quite the opposite being a strapping big buckskin colt with three white socks and a stripe. He has inherited his dam's (Ava - see mare page) lovely neck but already has a strong compact body like his sire Casper.

Glitterbug has taken a shine to my daughter and comes over for a look at every opportunity despite being only a few days old.
My daughter would like to keep this one and as for most of them so would I but not to be. Glitterbug and his half brother Galiant have been sold and join their older brother Eldorado as future hunters in Auckland. 


Buckskin pinto filly

Wow, this little filly is stunning by Casper out of a lovely pinto mare (outside mare). She has got the best of both worlds and it would be hard to beat her markings and colouring. She looks a very special little lady and her owners are stoked. 

Palomino colt

Another lovely coloured colt by Casper out of a Gypsy CobX mare (outside mare). He looks an adorable little colt with his blingy white markings and I am sure a delight to his owner. 

Buckskin colt

Now this colt is a real stunner - by Casper and out of a Clydesdale mare (outside mare), but he has us all guessing as to his real colour. He looks palomino with his white mane and pale colouring but has a half black tail and black tipped ears. The jury's out but I'm keen to see which way he goes. His owner reports he arrived on a stormy night and escaped his paddock before being located "glowing in the dark". I hope he is over his houdini days.

UPDATE - The final vote has gone out and he is .... sooty palomino. 

Cremello colt

This big colt is a really nice individual by Casper out of a San Mateo mare (outside mare). He is double dilute which results in his cremello colouring and is a really powerful looking colt with a beautiful topline that will make any owner proud.

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