Rushmoor Classic (aka "Umlungu")

I couldn't resist putting another post on about this horse as he looks terrific. Competing down in Nelson he looks to have the heart and talent of a star. As mentioned below he is the first born of Mozzie (Valiant mare) by Casper and I am thrilled to see where he is heading. And isn't this the most awesome picture.

Champagne Charlize

Well this horse is coming along in leaps and bounds (literally) in its new home. Everytime I see the next update of its progress I am impressed. Now out there competing one would think from this photo that maybe she should be in the bigger ring? I'm sure it won't be long before the jumps begin to match her effort.

Rushmoor Accolade.

I have sold my lovely Accolade ("Ocka") to a wonderful new home in Auckland where he will actually get the attention he deserves. He will be very sadly missed, but I am sure he is living the life of luxury. Ocka is a one in a million horse with his adorable attitude, but I have my hands full and a couple of youngsters screaming out for my attention. Let's hope one of them will be able to step into Ocka's BIG shoes.


I saw this horse for sale by Casper and remember him as a little foal when his TB dam came visiting Casper for a second time. He has grown a bit since then and is certainly performing nicely. Good luck Jasper in finding the perfect new home. 

White Gold

The owner of this lovely horse sent me some photos to marvel at. He is by Casper bred by the Mangaatua Stud. He looks a stunning individual and it is hoped we can see some more of him in action.

Rushmoor Classic

I was super stoked to see this horse out and about doing his business at some events down country. He looks a lovely boy with an honest expression and is doing a wonderful job over these jumps. Classic's rider is doing a good job training this horse and I am impressed every time I see his progression. I can't wait to see the next chapter.

Champagne Charlize (aka "Sassy")

I recently spotted this lovely mare on FB for sale and 'low and behold' it is the full sister to my adorable horse Accolade - albeit the prettier, feminine version! She is developing into quite a beauty and is apparently progressing nicely under saddle too. If she has anything like the nature of Accolade she would be winner for anyone.

Rushmoor Eldorado (aka "Levi")

Although only a 4 year old this horse is looking fantastic. He has had the best upbringing and is being produced exceeding well by his owner, who as you can see is doing an awesome job introducing Levi to jumping (not to mention that he is already over 17hh and she is ... not)! Levi is jumping with a beautiful technique already - knees tucked up and giving that rail plenty of air. I bet this horse goes a long way with a style like that.

Rushmoor Dragonfly

Wow, am I impressed by this young mare. Just gone 5 years old and she looks the part! Stunning colour, stunning looks and I can't say enough about that jumping style. Dragonfly is by Casper out of Mozzie (by Valiant), a combination which has produced outstanding offspring. I am really looking forward to seeing this one out there on the circuit.


Here is an update on Cooper (Casper's grandson) who has commenced his ridden career. What an awesome looking horse and even though just recently under saddle he already looks to be completely focused on the job in hand ... working those cows! What a cool picture, thanks to his owner.


We have been following Sonny since his birth and look at where he is now - showing us what he has in the dressage arena and a remarkable improvement on when we last saw him as a newly broken 3 year old. Sonny is now in the 'skyscraper realm' being over 17hh. I hope his owner is keeping up her fitness regime simply to get on and off her giant!

Rushmoor Bianca

Well it has happened! A few months off with injury for me and Ocka over the competition season and my sister and her steed Bianca have caught up (despite her horse being a year younger). Bianca is showing outstanding form and rarely touches a rail. She has placings and wins at almost every show jumping event she has been to and looks to have talent to burn. I have to take my hat off to my sister as she has done a lovely job producing this mare, lets hope she doesn't .... overtake me!

Rushmoor Accolade

Ocka, as he is known at home, is back on the job after injuring himself early last season and has started his competition season with a hiss and a roar. Although re-establishing himself at the lower heights he has performed exceptionally well with placings at his first horse trials event and at a recent show jumping event. Always the dude and as trusting as they come, I am stoked with his performances. 

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