2017 Foals

Well it is foaling time again and the last foal for the stud has now been born. A challenging season, but some beautiful foals as a result.

Rushmoor Jezebel

This cute as filly is the second I have bred by my Bravado Ego Z colt and is out of a Casper/Voltaire II mare (Rushmoor Cover Girl). She is a fighter this one, the survivor of a twin foaling and she then made her way through the fences into the dam. So clearly an eventer with no fear of water! She is a real pretty type and with her four white socks, star and snip she will be hard to beat on looks.

Jezebel has some impressive bloodlines in her parentage and will be offered for sale on weaning.


Rushmoor Juliet

Well never a dull moment with Juliet's arrival - no textbook foaling here! She is by Rushmoor Bravo (Bravado Ego Z) out of Rotterdam (see mare page) so has bloodlines to die for. However, Juliet was initially rejected by her dam and had to be bottle fed for the first few days. She then developed complications from that rejection and needed a plasma transfusion. Rotterdam finally stepped up to the mark and reclaimed her foal and they are both now doing really well.

For this I am very pleased as Juliet is a stunner. At this stage she is very fine and feminine (especially compared to my Casper foals), hence her girly name. Her breeding is world class and I have very high hopes for this one. 

Juliet is heading off to her new home in Christchurch where you might see her strutting her stuff on the show scene.


Rushmoor Jynx

This young colt is a real people horse and a powerhouse of a colt even in his infancy. Initially a bit shy to approach Jynx has now decided people aren't so scary after all and maybe they even come with benefits (especially to scratch those hard to reach areas). Born without incident I am very glad to say and the last one for the season. He is by Casper out of Ava (see mare page) and continues the line of a very nice type as well as having some impressive bloodlines to boast about. 

Jynx is very impressive with his size and big movement and with his lovely soft temperament he is going to be one special pony.


Spooky Rhythym

This little man certainly kept everyone waiting ... and waiting for his arrival, but after 12 months and 2 weeks he finally arrived in the world, hence his paddock name "Tardee".  Tardee is by Casper out of a buckskin mare (outside mare) and is keeping his owners enthralled with his antics.  The latest report is that Tardee is no longer a "little man" and has joined the land of the giants already as big as his mum as a yearling.


This lovely filly is by Casper out of a homebred mare (outside mare) and looks gorgeous. She certainly has the chrome and the colouring and no doubt the temperament as both Casper and her dam a lovely horses to handle.


This is the latest addition to the foals for the season being a huge buckskin filly by Casper out of a lovely outside mare. This foal looks all legs and she looks like she is going to grow enormous. Time will tell. All the best to her proud owner.


Another lovely foal by Casper out of a TB mare (outside mare). The owner of Thaw and Dolly (above) was lucky to receive one of each - a palomino filly and a buckskin colt from two bay mares. I am sure she will be delighted with her chocolate box mix.

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