Wow this horse is really starting to impress (aka Eldorado by Casper out of Ava).  He is still only a youngster but is showing plenty of scope and ability.  He is moving up the grades and is now competing in the Amateur Rider series where I saw him at the Whangarei GP Show recently.  I wish this duo all the best and am sure we will see more of them.  

Rushmoor Accolade

Oh the lovely Ocka with his new owner who sounds like she is enjoying him to the full.  I am very lucky he has gone to such a nice person and she is treating him like a king (which he probably thinks he is anyway!)  I am so pleased to see this duo still going well as this horse left a bit of a hole in my heart when he left.

Casper filly

Well not such a little Casper filly anymore this 4 year old is out on one of her first big outings into the ridden world.  As you can see from her foal photo in 2014 she was born a buckskin pinto but a close shave with the clippers makes that hard to tell.  Still a lovely looking horse and with a well behaved ride under her belt we are hoping to see more of this "filly" out and about.

Rushmoor Gee Whizz

Isn't this mare looking fantastic.  Here she is strutting her stuff in the show ring and doing a very good job too with the judge also  dutifully impressed.  At only 4 years old (and close to 17.2hh) she is going to be one horse hard to beat in the future if she keeps up this form.

Kaspers Gold

Once again I have spotted this gorgeous pony, now with his new owner and still achieving incredible results.  Here he is at HOY where he won a class and placed 6th overall in show hunter.  This pony is by Casper out of a pony mare and as you can see from the previous posts is one of my favourites.

Rushmoor Icy Gold

I have just been updated by the owner of this lovely young horse who not only looks stunning but also has the best nature to match.  His owner absolutely loves him and is looking forward to getting him under saddle.  Icy is now 2 years old and is by Rushmoor Bravo (Bravado Ego Z) out of my riding mare Witzgold (Classic Goldcard/Voltaire II).  I wish I could breed 10 more of him.


I just had to post another picture of this gorgeous horse as he just keeps looking nicer and nicer.  Umlungu (Rushmoor Classic) is competing at the Golden Bay A&P Show and both rider and horse look amazing.  He is by Casper out of Mozzie (Valiant mare) and is the oldest sibling to several more outstanding siblings you will find on my news page.

Raffie and Dram

Little Raffie is meeting his older brother Dram and looking suitably impressed at his golden magnificence.  Both boys are by Casper out of different mares and look very different in build.  I have already seen Dram out on the hunt field and I think it may be a while before Raffie follows but he looks the perfect type.

Rushmoor Jezebel

So stoked with this young filly.  By Rushmoor Bravo out of a Casper mare (Rushmoor Cover Girl) this yearling was awarded Led Youngstock Champion last week at Paparoa A&P Show (Feb 2019) and then this week achieved not only Youngstock Champion but then Supreme Led Exhibit at Arapohue A&P Show.  She was beautifully behaved despite the bouncy castles and go carts being right next to the ring.  What an achievement.

Rushmoor Gee Whizz

Well I think Gee Whizz has cleared the crossbar with this fantastic leap.  We saw a bit of Gee Whizz last year as a newly started 3 year old (by Casper out of a Voltaire II mare).  She is now 4 years old and getting a bit of schooling before she starts her jumping career.  Rather impressive for an amateur jumper you will have to admit.

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