Rushmoor Livewire and Kasala

Both these lovely fillies have headed off to their new homes.  Livewire travelled not too far away to Auckland so hopefully I will see her about, while Kasala has made the long trip down to Masterton.  I really rate these two fillies, both have gorgeous natures and are very keen to please which I'm sure their new owners will appreciate.

Rushmoor Eldorado

Levi is currently on TM if anyone is after a very talented show jumper with a tonne of potential.  He is a full brother to Hotshot below being by Casper out of Ava (Landioso/Anamour) and as well as showing his ability in the show jumping arena, he is a very capable hunter both whipping and as a masters horse for the last few seasons.

Rushmoor Hotshot

OK just ANOTHER picture of Hotshot as I am very proud to have her and my daughter out there doing so well.  Here she is warming up for a jumping lesson and to think a couple of months ago she could barely canter a circle.

Rushmoor Evolution

This stunning horse was recently on TM and he just looks fantastic.  Evo is by Casper out of a Valiant mare and looks to have all the goodies - beautiful, talented, well natured ... perfect.

Rushmoor Imposing

Imposing has gone from strength to strength with his jumping.  No sooner he learned what a pole was he was off and is now cantering beautifully around some winter showjumping courses.  What a star and well done to his owner producing him so nicely.


This youngster by Casper out of an outside mare has recently moved address with the intentions of becoming a hunter.  I am sure he will excel at this and in a couple of years I hope to see him out there on the hunt field where some of his siblings are already performing.


What a gorgeous filly this one is.  She is by Casper out of a visiting mare.  Surprisingly she looked very palomino when a foal, but has darkened up nicely to show off those lovely blingy bits.

Rushmoor Jynx

Sadly the lovely Jynx has been sold, but it sounds like he has such an exciting future ahead of him.  He has gone to the top of the south island to try his hoof at a variety of horsey things and his new owner I think suits him down to the ground.

Rushmoor Hot Shot

Well not more than a month after Hot Shot was restarted here she is at her first show jumping event flying those massive obstacles.  OK maybe the obstacles aren't massive but Hot Shot is certainly flying them.  She has got such a good attitude and hasn't put a foot wrong since we've got her back.  Very excited to see how this one develops.

Rushmoor Imposing

Saw this lovely horse out at the recent autumn series showjumping in Whangarei.  He is by Casper out of Ava (Landioso/Anamour) and the full younger brother of Hot Shot above.  He is doing an amazing job here having just learnt to jump the week before.  He walked through the first jump but realised very quickly that was not the way to do it and then he was off ... like a pro.  A very clever pony and just a little bit cute too!

Rushmoor Gorgeous

This horse has turned into an absolute stunner.  Gorgeous is by an IrishX stallion Sundance out of my previous broodmare Chakita so hence a half sister to Rushmoor Bravo.  Although hard to tell from the photo she is a pinto perlino.  She had a very promising start to an eventing career but unfortunately is no longer with us, sympathies to her owner for a very sad loss.

Rushmoor Bravo

Picture perfect.  This horse just keeps looking better and better as he strengthens up.  Bravo is one good lookin' horse and has such a huge fan club.  Keep up the good work.

Rushmoor Heidi

This is Heidi, a young mare by Casper out of a Valiant mare.  Having not long been started under saddle she is doing an awesome job here jumping at a local event.  Heidi has recently been sold and we look forward to seeing her out and about with her new owner.

Rushmoor Hot Shot

Well Hot Shot is finally out doing something after a long and disruptful breaking in period - no thanks to covid and a few broken bones (not caused by the above).  First day at the beach yesterday and she was a star.  A little cautious about those waves, and it sure was a windy, wavy day yesterday, but she coped and even got a bit wet.  Lots of thanks to Sharon Klijn Equestrian for getting her this far.

Kasper's Gold

I was more than pleased to be contacted by the current owner of this awesome pony as he has been one of my favourites for a long time.  His new rider is 13 years old and competes him in dressage where he is doing very well.  What a versatile pony he has turned out to be with success in show hunter, eventing and now dressage.

Rushmoor Midas

Could not resist this picture of Midas with his hairy ears.  Such a dude this guy, 3 months old and already very relaxed and nosy - probably because he can't hear a damn thing that's going on through that fluff.  Midas has been sold with his older half brother Murphy to a home in Waikato.  This one is going to be one out of the box.

Rushmoor Gee Whizz

This big girl did it again taking out the champion second year in a row.  Looking better and better and still only a six year old.  Her younger sister has also been sold down that way (middle earth, South Island) so who knows, we might see them head to head one day.


I got to see this horse recently when visiting a local farm and she is looking superb.  Dolly is by Casper out of an outside mare and is now 3 years old.  As you can see from these photos she has turned into quite the eye candy.  Hopefully she stays local so I can see more of her in the future.

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